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BWE boasts one of the largest local wine sections in the city, and an entire wall devoted to the ever-increasing selection of natural, organic and biodynamic wines.

Bench Pinot Noir 2014

Picture of Bench Pinot Noir 2014
Bright ruby color, this wine offers intense floral and raspberry aromas. Darker earth flavors are joined by fine tannins, adding structure and balance to a long finish.

$22.00 (USD)

Bereche & Fils Champagne "Rive Gauche"

Picture of Bereche & Fils Champagne "Rive Gauche"
Comprised entirely of Pinot Meunier, from the single vineyard Les Misy in Mareuil-le-Port on the left bank of the Marne. Rich mineral notes are intertwined with flavors of herbs and dried flowers in this full bodied Champagne.

$69.00 (USD)

Best's Foudre Ferment Riesling 2014

Picture of Best's Foudre Ferment Riesling 2014
Only one Foudre (barrel) of this extraordinary wine produced per year. A sensational wine full flavored with hints of oak, spice and honey beautifully balanced with pure fruit and crisp acidity.

$32.00 (USD)

Best's Great Western Shiraz "Bin No. 0" 2014

Picture of Best's Great Western Shiraz "Bin No. 0" 2014
Best's finest Shiraz comes from the Concongella Vineyard, which was established by Henry Best in 1866. Intense dark fruit flavors of plum and berries met brooding, savory black olive and spice notes. Have this one with lamb.

$62.00 (USD)

Best's Great Western Sparkling Shiraz 2012

Picture of Best's Great Western Sparkling Shiraz 2012
This is some serious sparkling Shiraz. A nose of herbs, exotic spice and dark cherries precede a peppery palate of plummy fruit. Perfect fine bubbles compliment the complex character of the wine.

$30.00 (USD)

Biblia Chora Estate Areti 2014

Picture of Biblia Chora Estate Areti 2014
A different expression of the Assyrtiko grape most notably from Santorini. From the mainland, we get a fuller body, richer citrus and a lovely herbaceous quality.

$26.00 (USD)

Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve NV

Picture of Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve NV
A rich, full bodied style, making an excellent choice with food pairings. Wonderfully textured with a fine mousse, showing flavors of toast, spice, orange zest and floral aromatics.

$28.00 (USD)

Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose NV

Picture of Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose NV
For many Champagne lovers, this is the house of Rose. A vibrant, spicy nose of orange peel, ruby-red grapefruit and floral honey leads to a focused and pure palate, with warm brioche and tangy rhubarb flavors.

$79.00 (USD)

Birichino Malvasia Bianca 2014

Picture of Birichino Malvasia Bianca 2014
Richly textured and deeply aromatic wine made from Malvasia, a grape we rarely see outside of Italy. White flowers, juicy citrus, with minty herbal notes.

$20.00 (USD)

Bisson Glera 2015

Picture of Bisson Glera 2015
Glera is another name for the Prosecco grape, and due to new wine laws, we're seeing a lot more "Glera" these days. This bone-dry Prosecco is bottled in Liguria, where legally you can't put Prosecco on the label, hence- Glera.

$18.00 (USD)

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